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Image Hifi
TK300B-I-REF (November-December 2017)

TK6EM7S (Apr 2014)

TK2A3/45S-I-REF (May 2012)

TK2A3/45S-I-REF (April 2012)

PC Audio Fan
TK2A3/45S-I-REF (March 2012)

Audio Basic Japan
TKECLL800S-I (September 2011)

TK211SI-REF (September 2011)

TK211S-I (July 2009)

TK2A3SI-REF (Septmeber 2008)

TK211S-I (April 2008)

TK2A3/50S-I TK6J5 TK2A3/50S (March 2006)

AES member n. 77583

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October 30, 2017 EDT

Welcome to Tektron

We specialize in sales & service of antique radios and rare tubes, design & manufacture of tube amplifiers, and sales & service of vintage hi-fi.

All our products are handmade by ourselves, built and tested individually. We believe that skilled craftsmanship is irreplaceable and will become increasingly important in the time ahead. Our manual work is of top quality, and our products show it. We are determined to be the leaders in our field.

Latest News

We are the sole distributor for KR Tubes, Auricap Capacitors, Audience cables, Auric Illuminator and Audience A3 Loudspeaker drivers and authorized dealer of Supravox loudspeakers in Italy!

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our tube amplifiers & vintage hi-fi
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